Self-Discovery Through The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, takes the reader through a 12-week spiritual program to unblock creativity. Activities include Morning Pages, artists dates, and other weekly activities to unblock the artist within. Though not perfectly, I completed the program and walked away with many insights about myself and life in general.

The Morning Pages required journaling three handwritten pages a day. Sometimes I wrote a lot of gibberish and others I found myself to be quite insightful. A few times, high emotions were sparked because what I wrote spoke so much truth. The instruction is not to read the pages until several weeks into the program. Reviewing pages and pages of handwritten notes took some time. Most days I wrote about the same things repeatedly, like losing weight and not eating so much at night. But through some of the nonsense, I did manage to find helpful ideas. Below are a few of them:

  • Fear of failing, succeeding, rejection, and losing status quo gets in the way of achieving goals.
  • Self-sabotage and grandiose thinking also get in the way…
  • Savor don’t binge! This goes for TV shows as well as food.
  • I AM the equation to my success.
  • Everyone needs to understand that they are the captain of their own ship.
  • I miss my mom.
  • I believe angels are watching over me.
  • I am blessed with the love of my family. I love all of them.
  • Stop making excuses about laundry and have fun.
  • I make me laugh.
  • Other people’s expectations are more important than my own. Stop believing that!
  • Listen to music more often.
  • Listen to ME!
  • I’m not invisible.
  • Consistency and dedication will achieve any goal.
  • I watch too much tv.
  • Words matter.
  • I can’t say I’m patient and kind to people and then ignore the times I’m not.
  • Progress not perfection.
  • I don’t like fireworks and think they should be banned.
  • I procrastinate by looking at my phone…do less of that!
  • ‘ANYWAY’ should be removed from my vocabulary.
  • Don’t wait for someday.

I recommend The Artist’s Way to anyone that’s trying to learn about themselves.

Tell me this: Can you relate to any of my insights from The Artist’s Way?

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