If Words Came Easy

  • If words came easy, “thank you” would be the first, but not the only, thing I’d say.
  • If words came easy, I would ask to be included and not feel left out.
  • If words came easy, I’d gently promote my accomplishments, so they no longer go unnoticed.
  • If words came easy, your inspiration would be featured in my next work of art.
  • If words came easy, you would know just how proud of you I really am.
  • If words came easy, “Sorry for your loss,” would not be a complete sentence.
  • If words came easy, “I’m okay” would not be a substitute in explaining my mental health.
  • If words came easy, you would know that helping to carry your load is a joy not a burden.
  • If words came easy, my anxious dialogue would not get in the way of meaningful conversation.
  • If words came easy, missing you would not be a silent game.
  • If words came easy, the reasons that I love you would be effortlessly explained.
  • If words came easy, my prayers would meticulously describe the depth of my gratitude.

Tell me this: What if words came easy for you?

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