Gifts Unexpected

Brooke Shields is reviving her blue jean commercial career. She’s modeling Jordache Jeans and showing the world what fifty-six looks like. When I heard this news, I was like; “Wow, Brooke Shields looks great!”.  Then I thought “They still make Jordache Jeans?”. Which brought me to reflect on my 12th birthday, way back in 1983, … Continue reading Gifts Unexpected

The Timeline to 50 – Toys, Gadgets, and Resiliency

Back when I was a child in the 1970s, I enjoyed playing with the typical toys of that time, my View Master, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, my beloved Mrs. Beasley, the Fisher Price Little People, and the Little Professor Calculator. Hours were spent being entertained in front of a black & white television with … Continue reading The Timeline to 50 – Toys, Gadgets, and Resiliency

If Words Came Easy

If words came easy, “thank you” would be the first, but not the only, thing I’d say. If words came easy, I would ask to be included and not feel left out. If words came easy, I’d gently promote my accomplishments, so they no longer go unnoticed. If words came easy, your inspiration would be featured … Continue reading If Words Came Easy

Moment to Moment

As I was making a right turn into the TGI Friday’s parking lot, a silver car was about to make a left turn out of the same lot. Just before turning, the young man, with a pleasant, but determined face, looked in my direction, presumably to ensure that the coast was clear before proceeding with … Continue reading Moment to Moment