Gifts Unexpected

Brooke Shields is reviving her blue jean commercial career. She’s modeling Jordache Jeans and showing the world what fifty-six looks like. When I heard this news, I was like; “Wow, Brooke Shields looks great!”.  Then I thought “They still make Jordache Jeans?”. Which brought me to reflect on my 12th birthday, way back in 1983, … Continue reading Gifts Unexpected

Success or Not Success (That is the Question!) 😊

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome.” What does success look like to you? Is it freedom, is it happiness, is it seeing something through to the end? Or is it money, a big house, and a fancy car? Success is none of those things to me. It is internal and … Continue reading Success or Not Success (That is the Question!) 😊