Living Life During COVID and Beyond

Over the past year and a half, I’ve heard several courageous stories of people trading in their routine life for a different, more exciting one. Stories like leaving a career to cultivate a side hustle, leaving, or starting a new relationship, and moving away to follow a lifelong dream. Not long into a conversation do … Continue reading Living Life During COVID and Beyond

Beginnings & Endings

Why does it seem like our energy is spent focused on beginnings and not so much on endings? Is it because the start of something new is fresh and exciting? Is it because beginnings hold mystery, and the unknown heightens their excitement? Maybe. Let’s explore a couple of scenarios where the ending gets snubbed. New … Continue reading Beginnings & Endings

The Tail of Two Brothers: Loneliness vs. Penniless

When I was a young girl visiting my Grandma, the mysterious Uncle Jay was always there. A grown man in his thirties was like a teenaged boy who hides in his bedroom, rarely making an appearance. After my Grandma passed, Uncle Jay settled not far from where I live, but other than Christmas cards, we … Continue reading The Tail of Two Brothers: Loneliness vs. Penniless