Traditionally on Halloween our family visits a ghostly, wildly decorated house in town. The owners go all out with spooky embellishments complete with a graveyard, a pirate ship that shoots ‘cannons’ every 15 minutes, and zombies. For decades they’ve hired town police to direct traffic and allow crowds of people to walk through their yard … Continue reading Changes

Beginnings & Endings

Why does it seem like our energy is spent focused on beginnings and not so much on endings? Is it because the start of something new is fresh and exciting? Is it because beginnings hold mystery, and the unknown heightens their excitement? Maybe. Let’s explore a couple of scenarios where the ending gets snubbed. New … Continue reading Beginnings & Endings

Moment to Moment

As I was making a right turn into the TGI Friday’s parking lot, a silver car was about to make a left turn out of the same lot. Just before turning, the young man, with a pleasant, but determined face, looked in my direction, presumably to ensure that the coast was clear before proceeding with … Continue reading Moment to Moment