Stay Safe

Think back to your last conversation. How did it end? Most chats these days end with someone saying, ‘stay safe’, which always takes me by surprise. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s stating the obvious. Like, obviously I am going to TRY to stay safe, I’m not reckless! It’s the new farewell. I was … Continue reading Stay Safe

If I Could Turn Back Time (Just for a Moment)

Since we’ve been working remotely, my team has been meeting virtually every morning to touch base on what our plans for the workday are. To break up the monotony of these meetings, we ask a daily ice breaker type question. We’ve been doing this just short of two years, so the question of ‘If you … Continue reading If I Could Turn Back Time (Just for a Moment)

Living Life During COVID and Beyond

Over the past year and a half, I’ve heard several courageous stories of people trading in their routine life for a different, more exciting one. Stories like leaving a career to cultivate a side hustle, leaving, or starting a new relationship, and moving away to follow a lifelong dream. Not long into a conversation do … Continue reading Living Life During COVID and Beyond

The Timeline to 50 – Toys, Gadgets, and Resiliency

Back when I was a child in the 1970s, I enjoyed playing with the typical toys of that time, my View Master, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, my beloved Mrs. Beasley, the Fisher Price Little People, and the Little Professor Calculator. Hours were spent being entertained in front of a black & white television with … Continue reading The Timeline to 50 – Toys, Gadgets, and Resiliency

Inspired by Get on Up

Everyone has a story to tell: The cashier at the grocery storeThe transient walking the streets with a backpackYour loved onesYour lonely AuntYour grumpy UncleYour neighborThe schoolteacherYour co-workerAnd all the supporting characters in your life Everybody is significant and everyone matters to someone – in one way, some ways, or all ways. Everyone has just … Continue reading Inspired by Get on Up

Beginnings & Endings

Why does it seem like our energy is spent focused on beginnings and not so much on endings? Is it because the start of something new is fresh and exciting? Is it because beginnings hold mystery, and the unknown heightens their excitement? Maybe. Let’s explore a couple of scenarios where the ending gets snubbed. New … Continue reading Beginnings & Endings

Making Memories

"God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December." James M. Barre “Making memories”, what a curious phrase. I see it captioned all over social media alongside pictures of enjoyable activities and family traditions. This obvious proclamation contradicts reality because we generally can’t predict which moments will go on to live in … Continue reading Making Memories

Homage to “Talladega”

Have you ever heard a song that instantly and mysteriously stirs your emotions like your morning coffee? The voice, the music, and mainly the lyrics of Talladega by Eric Church causes my throat to form a tender lump, only to be relieved with tears. I love the song but can only listen when I need … Continue reading Homage to “Talladega”