Homage to “Talladega”

Have you ever heard a song that instantly and mysteriously stirs your emotions like your morning coffee? The voice, the music, and mainly the lyrics of Talladega by Eric Church causes my throat to form a tender lump, only to be relieved with tears. I love the song but can only listen when I need … Continue reading Homage to “Talladega”

If Words Came Easy

If words came easy, “thank you” would be the first, but not the only, thing I’d say. If words came easy, I would ask to be included and not feel left out. If words came easy, I’d gently promote my accomplishments, so they no longer go unnoticed. If words came easy, your inspiration would be featured … Continue reading If Words Came Easy

Carol’s Blessings

“I’m never coming here on a Sunday again!” An older woman said to me as she made her way to her car in the Shoprite parking lot. I was getting a cart and being the courteous gal that I am, I acknowledged her and said ‘Oh, is it crowded in there?” “It’s terrible! A man … Continue reading Carol’s Blessings

Moment to Moment

As I was making a right turn into the TGI Friday’s parking lot, a silver car was about to make a left turn out of the same lot. Just before turning, the young man, with a pleasant, but determined face, looked in my direction, presumably to ensure that the coast was clear before proceeding with … Continue reading Moment to Moment

Motivation, In My Humble Opinion, It Matters

Does motivation matter? Motivation lets us know how to behave. It’s our why. Some of us are motivated extrinsically, inspired by other people or outside events (awards, achievement, peer pressure), and some of us are motivated intrinsically, inspired from within (need for acceptance, FOMO, need for respect). Either way, motivation keeps us moving forward and … Continue reading Motivation, In My Humble Opinion, It Matters

Stop Snoozing Your Mornings Away, Advice Taken from The 5 Second Rule

Over the past several years, I’ve read and took a lot of advice from self-help books, but nothing has been as transformational as the advice I got from Mel Robbins’ book, The 5 Second Rule. In it she guides readers to stop hitting the snooze button. The book’s concept is that decisions are made in … Continue reading Stop Snoozing Your Mornings Away, Advice Taken from The 5 Second Rule

Five Reasons I’m Fat

When you boil it down, weight loss is relatively easy, right? I mean, calories in, calories out. But, the more I think about it, the more weight I gain. I just can’t seem to shed pounds. So, what’s the issue? Below are five of the reasons why I’m still fat. Can you relate? Inconsistency: I’ve … Continue reading Five Reasons I’m Fat